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Facebook Page Reviews - отзывы/рекомендации Facebook для Joomla

Facebook Page Reviews - плагин Facebook отзывов/рекомендаций для Joomla CMS

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Facebook Page Reviews is a simple and powerfull tool to add Facebook Reviews to Joomla website in an easy and seamless way. With this extension you can increase your website visitors trust by showing real people’s reviews. Use your high rating and excellent reviews to prove your items are worth buying and attract news sales.

Attract reviews with call-to-action and redirect to Facebook. With one-click access to your Facebook page and compelling call-to-action button, you can collect more customer reviews.

Get your Facebook reviews do the job on your website

Increase the reach of your reviews and integrate them into your website. Facebook Page Reviews extension for Joomla will help you embed your detailed reviews with author’s name, photo and a link to your Facebook account for fast redirect of clients. That’s a perfect way to prove your brand reliability! You can filter your reviews to show only the best of them, change text settings, add ratings and more. Automatic updates will ensure no new review is missing on the website.

Show your social proof. Achieve full trust

With Facebook Page Reviews plugin, you’ve got everything to prove your website visitors that you are a popular and reliable partner. The header of the widget features star rating, which is one of the most trusted by users. It also shows the total number of people who recommended your page with their pictures, and these elements are clickable and redirect user to your Facebook page. Full transparency, that’s what makes you grow customer trust.

Not just show reviews. Attract new ones

With a compelling call-to-action and an active button, you will be able to attract even more customers to post reviews about your business on Facebook. Our Facebook Page Reviews plugin has a button that offers each viewer to leave their own review. If a user wants to do it, they will be redirected to your Facebook page, and if not, they will see a text field for their feedback, which can include links and direct user to send you an email. Thus you will use every chance to get insights from clients.

Features List

  • No coding required
  • Facebook Page Reviews works only with Facebook Pages where you are admin or owner
  • All customizations are done with the integrated visual builder
  • Displays all the review data – reviewer's name, photo, review text, created date
  • Load More button to let you view all the reviews
  • Set the widget size any way you like – make it fit your screen full size, or place it in a specific area of your website
  • Fully responsive and adaptable content perfect for any mobile device
  • Adaptable height – set up a scrollable fixed-size widget, or make it stretch as your feed grows longer
  • Widget header displays the main information on your Facebook page – star rating, page name, number of reviews
  • Fully customizable header – hide the information you don’t need, or disable the header altogether
  • Layouts integrated into the extension (grid, masonry, slider) to match your website's layout
  • Light and dark themes are inluded to match your website's colors
  • Reviews templates integrated into the extension (box, card, spotlight) to match your taste

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